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Josh Odrich

Who are you? My name is Josh Odrich, and I am a rising third-year college student at the University of Virginia. I am a lifelong car fanatic and detailing geek. My passion for cars started at a nearly age, when I would help my father wash his car in the driveway. It was our ritual: Sunday morning, Car talk blaring on the radio, and a microfiber towel in-hand. I looked forward all week to Sunday, when my pop would teach me how to wash his black paint with out causing any scratches or swirls. I’ve never lost the excitement that I felt the first time I helped my Dad wash his car. I hope to share that same excitement with all of you and offer insight, tips, and tricks for detailing and car care.

Prior Car Care Experience? Two summers ago, I worked for Automotive Aesthetic, a high-end detailing shop here inCharlottesville, Virginia. It was there that I learned to do everything from paint correction, to ceramic coating application, to PPF installation, and even concourse preparation. We were filmed for a sponsored Gears & Gasoline YouTube video, which you can find here. Last summer, I was hired to travel to Madison, Wisconsin where I served as actingSales Director for a detailing product manufacturer. I was responsible for teaching detailing seminars, heading U.S. product research and development, and expanding our distribution network.

Why did you choose to write for Superior Products? Detailing has a bad reputation for being inordinately expensive. Some detailing services, like concours preparation, do require a great deal of time and money.However, the vast majority of us are regular people who want a nice-looking, clean, and protected vehicle without breaking the bank. I’ve always loved good bang-for-the-buck products, and am constantly searching for hidden gems. After using Superior Products’Dirt Buster I was blown away. The rich foam, the slickness, and the cleaning power were out of this world. “How was this stuff so affordable,” I kept asking myself. I eventually contacted Superior Products, and I quickly realized that the team behind DirtBuster shared my passion and desire for efficacious, affordable, and high-quality car care chemicals. And the rest, as they say, is history.