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Infinity Teflon Wax

Infinity Teflon Wax

Infinity Teflon wax is a blend of nano-sized carnauba wax and silicone polymers designed to seal the painted surfaces. This blend assures excellent durability and protection properties against the weather, environmental and industrial containments. Infinity allows the vehicles finish to remain blemish-free longer and considerably easier to clean, reducing the time, energy and expense needed to keep the vehicles exterior in top shape.

Nano Ceramic Coating 5K Kit


Our NANO CERAMIC COATING 5K bonds to the painted surface by chemically cross linking and providing wear resistance. NANO CERAMIC COATING 5K will provide years of protection against all types of environmental attacks. The self-cleaning, non-stick protective barrier creates an immense amount of surface tension to keep the painted surface looking its best!

KIT INCLUDES: 2oz Bottle of Ceramic Coating, One Applicator Pad, One Microfiber Towel, One set of Rubber Gloves   Do not leave bottle open for 24 hours at risk of product hardening in bottle. For a full list of products and hazard information click here.


  • Hybrid blend of polysilazanes and cross-linking polymers
  • Fluorosurfactant additives
  • Advanced Nano technology


  • Protects against weather, corrosion and pollutants
  • Highly reflective long-lasting shine and protection
  • Instantly repels pollutants or enables their easy removal
  • Chemically insoluble after 24 hours


  • New car prep for enhanced CSI
  •  Warranted protection programs
  •  Value added services


  •  Remember, you are sealing what you see. Remove any paint defects, scratches, swirls before applying. Wash and clay the surface.
  •  Ensure surface is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight
  • Using the applicator pad, apply a small amount of product to the applicator
  • Work the coating into the surface using a side-to-side hand motion overlapping each pass.
  • Remove hazed residue with clean dry microfiber cloth
  • We recommend a second coat (one hour apart) using a cross application method to ensure entire surface coverage.
  • For ultimate protection, allow to set 24 hours before washing

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A-1 Glaze - Wax

A-1 Glaze

A-1 Glaze – Wax

A-1 Glaze contains high tech polymers and UV protectants which together produce a deep, lustrous shine with excellent water beading and detergent resistance. Ultra mild cleaners formulated with A-1 Glaze work to ensure a flawless long-lasting finish. A-1 Glaze is perfect at bringing back faded color on the surface of the vehicle. This wax works well on darker vehicles but not to be excluded from light color surfaces.

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Carnauba Cream - Wax Group

Carnauba Cream

Carnauba Cream – Wax

Carnauba Cream a professional formulation that contains mild cleaners, polymers, co-polymers, and Carnauba wax which produces a deep, lustrous shine with excellent water beading and detergent resistant characteristics. Our ultimate final finish wax leaves a long-lasting, protective finish. Carnauba Cream is a favorite among detailers!

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Kwik Seal Wax Cleaner Group

Kwik Seal

Kwik Seal – Fast Wax / Dry Wash

Kwik Seal is a one-step cleaner/wax removes road film, tar, and tree sap while polishing the surface. Also cleans and shines chrome and polished aluminum. Product will come separated with a clear top and white bottom. Shake product well before using on vehicles surface.

One Step Wax group

One Step

One Step Wax

Clear coat polish and sealing glaze.  This product will work great on boats and RV’s. One Step restores dull oxidized vehicles and brings back color and shine.  Leaves a mirror-like finish and it is easy to use. If you need a good polish for a clear coat finish this wax will work great.

Liquid Pearl Wax

Liquid Pearl

Liquid Pearl Wax

Liquid Pearl is a non-abrasive polish is used on the finest cars in the world. Adds gloss and protection to your vehicles finish and also used to restore oxidized finishes. Easy to apply and will not smear or streak. Liquid Pearl heightens the depth of colors resulting in the ultimate shine and resists ultraviolet rays and acid rain. Liquid Pearl is a good option to use when temperatures are high and humid due to its ability not to streak.


Show Car Shine

Show Car Shine – Wax

Show Car Shine is a body shop safe quick detailer that cleans, brightens and shines. Show car shine will remove fingerprints, smudges and oily smears. This product will work great on windows, chrome, plastic, rubber and wood trim.

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Slick Finish Wax

Slick Finish

Slick Finish – Wax

Slick Finish is a superior wax for the finest cars. Car buffs near and far absolutely love this product. Slick Finish is a non-abrasive polish that adds extra gloss and protection to the vehicles finish.  Slick Finish is long lasting and easy to use.  This wax leaves a beautiful mirror-like finish. Car Clubs swear by this product and continue to bring back 1st place ribbons when using it.

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EZ Shine

EZ Shine Wax Detailer

EZ Shine is a static eliminating quick detailer and clay bar lubricant that’s as effective as it is versatile.  Spray and wipe off a dusty car between washes to keep up that new car finish, or cut 1:1 with water for use as a clay bar lubricant.  When using EZ Shine remember to use a clean microfiber and turn frequently to expose clean rag. EZ shine contains a mix of polish and liquid wax making it one of the best quick detailers on the market at a fraction of the price.

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RTU Spray Wax

RTU Spray Wax

RTU Spray Wax

Ready to Use Spray Wax is a water-soluble car wash wax used to put an extra shine on cars going through a car wash. Protects the vehicle’s surface while it shines. This product is great when applied to a vehicle surface after being washed and still wet. The water will bead up allowing for easy removal and spot free finish.

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Formula 4

Formula 4 Spray Wax

Superior Products Formula 4 Spray Wax Spot-Free Rinse Drying Agent, Concentrated Spray Wax for Automatic Car Washes

Superior Products Formula 4 Spray Wax is the top clear coat finishing sealer for a spot-free rinse. It’s available in 1, 5, 15, 30, and 55-gallon variants. This drying agent is specially formulated to provide maximum protection on Clear Coat finishes and is perfectly designed to be used as the finishing step of your car wash. Deep cleaning foaming agents and polymer waxes combine to create a product to clean and polish the vehicle finish and produce a brilliant shine. Apply to any vehicle exterior after a wash and rinse, then watch the water bead up and fall directly off the car. 

For best use, this product should be diluted from 5:1 to 10:1. For commercial car wash service providers, set equipment to apply 6-8 ounces of diluted Formula 4 per vehicle. The product should be applied to a wet surface so spray liberally after washing and rinsing the vehicle. After application, you can rinse again or go in with a water blade or shammy.

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Is spray wax good for your car?

Yes, Formula 4 Spray Wax is an excellent product for preventing streaks and protecting your vehicle from water spots for up to 7 days. This drying agent gives vehicles a showroom shine after washing and makes the detailing process 10x faster.

Do spray wax drying agents really work?

Superior Products is a trusted name in the automotive industry, and we back our products with years of research and development. Our customer reviews and detailed photos speak for themselves! 

Dilute the product between 5:1 and 10:1 for optimal results. Rinse thoroughly and dry for a brilliant shine. 

Is spray-on wax worth it?

With its effective formulation and economical size variants, Formula 4 Spray Wax is a great value for your money. This product will help speed up the detailing process and leave a lasting shine. Its convenient size also helps free up precious storage space.

Professional auto detailers, car wash managers, and vehicle showroom staff will appreciate the time-saving benefits of this product. Preventing water spots while you rinse keeps you from having to spend time removing them later down the line. 

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