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White Wall 500 - Wheel Cleaner

White Wall 500

White Wall 500 Wheel Cleaner

White Wall 500 is an economical concentrated white wall cleaner.  It can be diluted 2:1 with water and it will clean effectively. This product should be sold to the customer looking for an inexpensive cleaner. White wall 500 can also be used for cleaning engines and other grimy applications.

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White Wall 1000

White Wall 1000 – Wheel Cleaner

White Wall 1000 is a concentrate and should be diluted 1:1 with water.  This product will clean and brighten white walls.  This product will outperform name brand white wall products due to the “beefed up” formula we use in manufacturing. Just spray on the tire or any rubber surface and White Wall 1000 will clean it perfectly.

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Wire Wheel Cleaner

Wire Wheel Cleaner – Exterior

This is an acid based cleaner that will remove brake dust, tar, grime, rust, etc. You can dilute this product as much as you need to. The wheel should be cool and sprayed with water first, then spray on our wire wheel cleaner and let it soak for 30 seconds to one minute, then spray it off the wheel completely.  If the wheel is not clean enough, repeat these steps until the desired results are achieved.  NEVER APPLY THIS PRODUCT WITH YOUR HANDS, OR RUB WITH A RAG.  The acid will burn the skin.  Always use rubber gloves and eye protection when using the product and let the product do the work, the user does not need to scrub, this product will do the cleaning.  DO NOT LEAVE THIS PRODUCT ON THE SURFACE LONGER THAN ONE MINUTE.  This product can stain polished wheels if not used properly.

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Dark Fury

Superior Products Dark Fury Wheel Cleaner & Bug Cleaner for Cars, Non-Acid Concentrate

Superior Products Dark Fury Wheel & Bug Cleaner is a professional-grade cleaner that quickly and safely removes stubborn road grime, brake dust, and bugs on tires and grills. This formulation is safe and effective on most exterior surfaces including clear coats, painted steel, and plastic. 

Dark Fury looks like motor oil when it is sprayed, but the “clinging” properties built-in allow the active ingredients to break down brake dust as well as dirt and bugs on tires and grills. It has also been found to be an excellent cleaner for highly polished stainless and aluminum tankers when diluted properly. The unique blend of wetting agents, emulsifiers, builders, and solvents work together to penetrate and remove tough dirt and road film. 

Dark Fury is very easy to use by spraying on the surface to be cleaned and power washing off. The use of a pressure washer really helps blow off the dirt and grime that Dark Fury has loosened from the surface. It is very mild on painted surfaces and metal. Dark Fury is an inhibited high pH cleaner made with special surfactants designed to prevent the high pH cleaner from pitting aluminum. 

Dilute Dark Fury 4:1 with water. Spray on and agitate with a brush or spray off with high-pressure water. It will not harm painted surfaces or factory aluminum wheels but be careful not to use it in uncoated polished aluminum wheels. Adjust dilution accordingly for best results.

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What is bug cleaner for cars?

Dark Fury Wheel & Bug Cleaner from Superior Products is a professional-grade cleaner with powerful “clinging” properties. It quickly attaches to surfaces and breaks down stubborn buildup. 

What happens if you leave the wheel cleaner on too long?

We recommend rinsing it after application, but properly diluted Dark Fury wheel cleaner won’t damage your car if you leave it on for a short time. This non-acid wheel cleaner contains special surfactants that prevent it from etching or corroding vulnerable surfaces like aluminum.

Can wheel cleaner damage wheels?

Dark Fury is safe for all types of wheels, including aluminum, stainless steel, and coated metal. However, we always recommend testing it on an inconspicuous area first and rinsing thoroughly after use.

Can you use wheel cleaner on paint?

Dark Fury’s formulation is safe to use on most surfaces. As long as you follow the dilution ratio and rinse thoroughly after cleaning, you should have no problem using it on your car’s paint.

Non Acid Universal

Non-Acid Universal Cleaner

Non-Acid Universal Cleaner performs very similarly to our Wire Wheel Cleaner without the hazardous chemicals. Non-acid is a safe wheel cleaner and will not cause irritation like the acid based cleaners. This product is also a concentrate and can be diluted 4:1. Non Acid cleaner was designed as the true universal all-purpose cleaner that works great for just about any application. Use for interior by diluted 4:1 up to 10:1 or use as a prep soap for your car wash and a general purpose cleaner for your shop.

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