California Cover All High Gloss Dressing

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California Cover All High Gloss Dressing – Tire & Interior Dressing

California Cover All High-Gloss Dressing to Cover All. California Cover-All is VOC compliant in all states. We recommend wiping this product on tires and interior versus spraying. California Cover-All will outlast any competitors’ product and your customer will love the results. This product is solvent based and does contain silicone. Excellent UV protectant and conditioner for tires, plastic, and vinyl.

VOC Exempt Cover All High-Gloss is a solvent-based ready to use dressing. Cover All High-Gloss produces a high gloss finish on tires.

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43 reviews for California Cover All High Gloss Dressing

  1. Greg W. (verified owner)

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Great for interior dressing

  3. Brad (verified owner)

    Plan to get a new spray bottle as they are cheap and mine leaks something terrible! The product on the other hand is great. This is hard to not over-spray on rims so the aerosol might be a better option but boy do those tires shine! Spray on and let dry for almost a mirror gloss to the tire or, spray on and wipe lightly with a cloth to give them a nice natural looking gloss. Great product and will buy again!

  4. RODNEY H. (verified owner)


  5. Gary S. (verified owner)

    Just as great as the aerosol version…the spray brings that same shine inside ur ride…

  6. Alfred Williams (verified owner)

    Great product!

  7. Wesley Pittman (verified owner)

  8. Ron T. (verified owner)

    Perfect shine

  9. Robert (verified owner)

    Nice and shiny with durability

  10. ROGER MULLIGAN (verified owner)

    The best tire dressing by far !
    High Gloss easy to apply & no sling .

    Thanks for a great product
    Roger Mulligan

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

  12. Christopher S. (verified owner)

  13. EDWARD KUPSTAS (verified owner)

    Excellent dressing for tires and interiors

  14. Desmond Thornton (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)


  16. Donald Mines (verified owner)

    Works just as advertised. A very good product.

  17. Levi B. (verified owner)

  18. Kevin K. (verified owner)

    Long lasting shine. Works great on exterior trim when applied to a microfiber towel and wiped on. When used as tire dressing I suggest applying sparingly and waiting 4-6 hrs (overnight is my preferred method) to prevent slinging. Glossy shine is awesome but slings off excess if you dont let it set. Aerosol is much easier to get a light coat but not as cost effective.

  19. Jeremiah Washington (verified owner)

  20. Joshua Martin (verified owner)

  21. Ralph Lindsay (verified owner)

  22. Anthony Booth (verified owner)

    Never stayed glossy that’s a lot of money for no gloss as promised. How can I return for tire dressing that works

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The BEST stuff on the market… No Joke! My mechanic introduced the aerosol to me so I bought it and the trigger spray formula & I haven’t used anything else since. I purchased some for my dad, as well. There’s nothing comparable to this stuff… Nothing.

  24. Corey H. (verified owner)

    Excellent lasting shine on my tires and interior dash. Even when it rains this product will not run off fast.

  25. Darrell M. (verified owner)

    Cover All is the best tire shine that I’ve ever use

  26. Damian Lyles (verified owner)

    Good product it last on tires a good amount of time even with being in a few rain storms

  27. Tommie Gregory (verified owner)

    I love it! It last along time as well. Interior use or tires it makes no difference!!!

  28. James Cole (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

  30. Christopher E. (verified owner)

    Dressing is extremely oily. Works well for tires and dressing exterior trim but would not use this on the interior.

  31. Rachel D. (verified owner)

  32. Carlos Vazquez (verified owner)

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smell so good and the shine is amazing

  34. Rudolf Kreybig (verified owner)

    Great product

  35. Kathleen F. (verified owner)

    Easy to apply. Product is very durable.

  36. Mike (verified owner)

    First time trying this product, very happy with it so far.

  37. Carlos Vazquez (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

  39. Adrian (verified owner)

    was looking for interior shine this isnt that shinny. It works ok but next time will buy different product to try.

  40. Bob K. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for tires that match the beauty Of your high polished vehicle then cover all will be your first and last decision on what to use.

  41. Max (verified owner)

    None of the spray bottles worked they worked for the first time i used them then after that nothing. Pretty dissapointing

  42. Carlos Vazquez (verified owner)

  43. John Rzepecki II (verified owner)

    adds a wet look to tires. washes off easily though. Does not last more than a week here in Michigan

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