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Dirt Buster

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Dirt Buster – Carwash Soap

Dirt Buster  is Superior Products go to hand carwash soap. Perfect for Detail shops, Dealerships, and anyone else washing cars by hand. The pleasant cherry scent and lots of suds make this a customer favorite.

  • Foam
  • Bugs
  • Earth Friendly
  • Hand Application

Dirt Buster is a thick highly concentrated red liquid soap. Dirt Buster features a high, stable foam made with the highest quality film free rinsing agents. Dirt Buster will gently lift dirt away from the vehicle’s surface, hold the dirt in suspension allowing the rinsing agents to safely rinse the dirt away from the surface. Our unique formula allows you the opportunity to clean your vehicle without harming the clear coat. This formula is non-abrasive and designed to be used in the newer clear coat environment.  Dirt Buster II produces a rich red foam and a pleasant cherry fragrance has been added for consumer appeal. Dirt Buster is a high-quality soap made especially for today’s complex automotive finishes.

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Weight1.0000 lbs

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90 reviews for Dirt Buster

  1. cameron (verified owner)


  2. George Paz (verified owner)

    Dirt buster leave water marks on my vehicle. I don’t liked. I’m disappointed

  3. Travis Bonnell (verified owner)

    It is excellent

  4. marshall mcadams (verified owner)

  5. Paul P. (verified owner)

  6. Stephen F. (verified owner)

  7. Travis W. (verified owner)

    In one word….. Super Suds…. well maybe that’s two words

  8. Brad (verified owner)

  9. RODNEY H. (verified owner)


  10. Stephen Frandle (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet.

  11. Brian (verified owner)

  12. JOHN (verified owner)

  13. Franklin Kendrick (verified owner)

  14. Ron T. (verified owner)

    Brilliant shine

  15. Daniel (verified owner)

    Lots of suds. Gets car clean

  16. Albert (verified owner)

    This is very slick lots of suds

  17. Colby H. (verified owner)

  18. Nathan F. (verified owner)

    did not use yet but cant beat the price

  19. glen k. (verified owner)

    I was disappointed in the suds. A brand I normally use suds up alot more and stays up longer.

  20. greg grafton (verified owner)

  21. AL Moore (verified owner)

    Too cold to use now. Try me in three months.

  22. Duane Y. (verified owner)

    It doesn’t really foam in in a spray gun

  23. Bryce Migues (verified owner)

  24. joseph s. (verified owner)

    work well lots of foam

  25. Dallas Clay (verified owner)

  26. Franklin Kendrick (verified owner)

    I love the cherry scent that it has. It also does a great job whenever I am washing and cleaning my vehicles.

  27. Perry M. (verified owner)

    Works well in my foam cannon and bucket wash.

  28. Ralph (verified owner)

    This stuff works great and you dot use much. I have a small car collection and use it exclusively.

  29. John Griggs (verified owner)

    Great product. Does leave a film behind if it dries in the sun before you wash it off. However it does not stain on the paint.

  30. Gregory P. (verified owner)

  31. Danthony Tillery (verified owner)

    Cleans and lifts dirt with ease. A few ounces will work wonders in a bucket wash and also works in your foam cannon. Excellent lubricant car wash soap.

  32. Cecilia (verified owner)

    Love how it washes away the dirt and bugs stuck on and of course bird poop. Love the smell as well. Amazing

  33. Ronald (verified owner)

  34. nick (verified owner)

    Great soap. Could foam better in cannon, but met expectations as a maintenance soap.

  35. Terrance Baker (verified owner)

  36. Roderick Curry (verified owner)

  37. Bernice O. (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Suds up very well, like the flavor odor.

  39. Adam (verified owner)

    Foams up nice and leaves no residue behind after rinsing. Love this stuff. Will be my go to soap from now on!

  40. RJ (verified owner)

    Quite a good soap for the price. Cleans well enough, smells decent, and is worth the price.

  41. jamar virgin (verified owner)

  42. Craig Dawson (verified owner)

  43. Julius M. (verified owner)

  44. Austin B. (verified owner)

    Very foamy in the cannon as well as bucket. Very slick when foamed onto the vehicle.. great so far.

  45. Brent Johnson (verified owner)

  46. Kershari J. (verified owner)

  47. ScottsMobileMac (verified owner)

    Beautiful soap that is ULTRA concentrated! It did an EXCELLENT job on my customer’s car! I will DEFINITELY be adding this to my daily repertoire for detailing! I used it both in the bucket and in a foam cannon for an extremely dirty customer’s vehicle and it performed exceedingly well in both circumstances!

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Smells great and has good cleaning power

  49. Paul N. (verified owner)

    Thick, rich suds. Works great in a foam cannon or other foaming attachments.

  50. Mike R. (verified owner)

    Great product! Great service!

  51. VERNARD (verified owner)

    You cant go wrong with this makes great foam in foam cannon

  52. Marcus Johnson (verified owner)

    Great product

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great value!

  54. Steven Flynn (verified owner)

    Big fan

  55. Eliud Medrano (verified owner)

  56. Scott M. (verified owner)

    This is my go-to soap for both foaming and regular hand-wash for all my customer’s vehicles! It does the job and the price is fantastic!

  57. Kershari Jones (verified owner)


  58. Joe C. (verified owner)

    Nice soap for the two bucket method, not as much foaming as I had hoped, but hear Cherry wash is the go to for the foam gun. Will try that next!

  59. David B. (verified owner)

    Good foam, great value

  60. Cheryl J. (verified owner)

  61. Carolyn Fox (verified owner)

  62. KARONEL (verified owner)

  63. Carlos Givhan (verified owner)

    Good Stuff

  64. Dale Whitehead (verified owner)

  65. dennis r. (verified owner)

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

  67. Jordan J. (verified owner)

    Excellent my customers love it will most definitely be shopping again

  68. Leo (verified owner)

  69. Nathanyel Pedigo (verified owner)

  70. Robert T. (verified owner)

    Great soap. Highly recommend

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s a great cleaner

  72. Kerri B. (verified owner)


  73. John Knox (verified owner)

  74. Scott M. (verified owner)

    This is still my go-to vehicle soap. It tackles the dirtiest vehicles yet is gentle.

  75. Dale W. (verified owner)

  76. Oscar Torres (verified owner)

    It get the job done

  77. Scott (verified owner)

    My go to heavy duty yet gentle vehicle soap!

  78. Juan Perez (verified owner)

    This product removes dust and shines the vehicle’s body really good

  79. Jordan Jiles (verified owner)

  80. Franklin Kendrick (verified owner)

  81. Karol Nachman (verified owner)

    Best dirt busting chemical! My detailing clients love how nice and clean their cars turn out thanks to yalls cleaning chemicals.

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

  83. Jeff (verified owner)

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

  85. Derek K. (verified owner)

    melts the crud right off the wheels

  86. prodetail618

    Our shop uses DB for maintenance washes on ceramic coated vehicles. It does exactly what it’s intended to do for a fair price.

  87. Jason Deweese (verified owner)

  88. Tim H. (verified owner)

  89. Joe Ingram (verified owner)

    Very good product

  90. Derrick Turner (verified owner)

    I love this Product 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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