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Final Step – Compound

Final Step is formulated as a final finish polish to remove swirl marks and create a brilliant high gloss. Final Step polishes to a flawless finish that outshines other machine applied polishes, glazes, and waxes. Use Final Step by hand or with an orbital or high-speed buffer. Contains no wax or silicone.

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8 reviews for Final Step

  1. Markus S. (verified owner)

  2. sayer paboojian (verified owner)

  3. daniel cruz (verified owner)

    Only try one time so far

  4. Kevin Wilson (verified owner)

  5. Ronnie (verified owner)


  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. munch_254 (verified owner)

    It smells like petroleum gases when you are working with it, once you are high enough. You don’t smell it that much anymore, specially working on a bigger vehicle. Was expecting more from product. Really disappointing as the work time is very little, aside from having to use more than other products. You can only do 2 passes with product when using polisher. Then you would need to use more product if the results were not as expected in removing swirls. It can cause you to do more damage as you are just polishing the clear coat with just your pad. Another downside is that it drys too quick like old style wax. This is why the work time is very little. What I really liked, is that it works like a cleaner wax, it removes prior waxes or sealants that were on the paint prior than working on it. I really like that, as I was working on a 2020 acura with prior graphene spray wax that was not coming off chemically. There are other products that I think work better, as a detailer you know who u r, spending hundreds of dollars in products, always trying new products, this one to my expectations was not up to standards. More work time would be ideal and perfect for the product. 😉

  8. mlabinsky38

    The product is a complete love/hate relationship. It simply works, but work time with RO or DA is less than fail. Hand application is ideal but time is money (heck of a work-out). Also, two days with a contact high due to chemical smell is at best described as a “cheap thrill”. Removal of product is straight forward though with very minimal effort needed. Summary, hire a chemist to re-invent the product and I will add to the shelf, until then grab alternative or simply enjoy a cheap buzz while bringing a vehicle to unbelievable “pop”.

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