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Wash-N-Shine – Soap

A specially formulated soap used primarily when hand washing a vehicle.  Wash-n-Shine is designed to loosen dirt and grime, lifting the dirt from the surface allowing the dirt to be rinsed away without removing the vehicles wax.  Wash-n-Shine is a concentrate and the user only needs one ounce per wash bucket.  This soap is high sudsing and an excellent cleaner.

Dilute 1-2oz per gal

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40 reviews for Wash-N-Shine

  1. Anthony McFarland (verified owner)

  2. Travis Bonnell (verified owner)

    Not really impressed at all

  3. David W. (verified owner)

  4. Rey Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Doesnt clean as expected. Not soapy enough for me. I couldn’t tell where I washed.

  5. Alfred Williams (verified owner)

    Doesn’t provide as much suds as I expected, but a good product.

  6. Bill J. (verified owner)

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

  8. Bernice Oquendo (verified owner)

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

  10. Donald Lloyd (verified owner)

    Really good!

  11. BRIAN HAYMOND (verified owner)

    The wash seems fine. Suds are good and cleans well.

  12. Terrell Beasley (verified owner)

  13. Jon Leach (verified owner)

    Good soap !!

  14. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    To be honest I haven’t had the chance to use yet but trust built from all other products

  15. Terrie Teeter (verified owner)

    Love it! Lots of bubbles!!

  16. Roderick Curry (verified owner)

  17. Ronald (verified owner)

  18. Levi B. (verified owner)

  19. Terrance Baker (verified owner)

  20. Humberto Berrios (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 products from Superior and after literally years of tryin different products and wasting a boat load of money on crap , I watch a youtube video and thought what the hell let me try it…so I picked up wash n shine & formula 4 spray wax …lets say Im a customer for life and throwing out the other crap I accumulated over the years!!! No water marks and vehicle looks glossy with a deep shine…my next purchase will be the wheel cleaner hopefully I get the same results….


  21. DUAN C. (verified owner)

  22. Bill Foresta (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Nice shine.

  23. Johnny (verified owner)

    great product will order again

  24. Lazaro (verified owner)

    The product is working well for me. Suds up pretty good and cleans and shines as well.

  25. Bernice Oquendo (verified owner)

  26. HAYWARD WOODS (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)


  28. Darryl Linear (verified owner)

  29. Craig Dawson (verified owner)

  30. Chris (verified owner)

  31. Marvin (verified owner)

  32. Brandon S (verified owner)

    Safety data says not to get this on your skin so I’ve been using it as a pre soak. I’ll dilute an ounce of it with a gallon of water and then I’ll just fill up a spray bottle with it. I’ll just coat the car with it and rinse it off. Works pretty well removing dirt and salt without hand washing.

  33. Darrell Pitts (verified owner)

  34. Scott M. (verified owner)

    Nice soap but I definitely prefer Dirt Buster!

  35. James Clemons (verified owner)

  36. Eliud Medrano (verified owner)

  37. Carlos Vazquez (verified owner)


  38. CHRIS S. (verified owner)

  39. Michael Powers (verified owner)

    only used it once so far, but seemed good

  40. Brian M. (verified owner)

    I really like the way this product cleans and shines.

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