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Zap-It (Stain Remover)

(189 customer reviews)


Zap-It is citrus fortified for safe effective cleaning of stained carpets, seats, interior panels, and greasy steering wheels. Get rid of tough stains quickly and easily.

  • Removes stains on seats, carpets, and floor mats
  • Use as a pre-treat on any vehicle upholstery
  • Eco-friendly and safe on any interior surface
  • Easy to use (shake to activate the chemicals)
  • Pair with our zero foam cleaner, Fire Power, for an amazing two-punch combo 

Superior Products Zap-It Stain Remover, Carpet and Seat Cleaner

Superior Products Zap-It stain remover is a water-based formula with D-Limonene to get most stains out of car seats, carpets, floor mats, and interior panels. This natural citrus cleaner is made without caustics, chemicals, or petroleum distillates. You can use it to remove coffee, soda, tar, ketchup, mustard, and other stains leaving your car interiors looking and smelling fresh and clean.

The product has numerous cleaning applications which can help save on inventory and shelf space. At a low cost, it provides excellent removal of dirt and road film which makes it ideal for large-scale detailing projects. You can rinse stains away easily with Zap-It. This unique natural citrus-based liquid detergent concentrate provides high-speed deep cleaning under the most difficult soil conditions. 

The product naturally separates in the container and needs agitation to activate the special cleaners. For best results, shake the bottle before use. Spray directly onto the material being cleaned and rub gently with an appropriate brush or cloth. Wipe the cleaned surface with a clean cloth. That’ll take care of the stains and dirt. You can also scrub with a stiff brush, then rinse with water, and wipe down with a clean cloth.

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How do you use Zap-It stain remover?

The Zap-It stain-removing formula naturally separates over time, so it’s crucial to shake the product well until the green and white liquids combine.

Next, apply the Zap-It cleaner directly to the stain and gently rub it with a brush or sponge. Then, wipe away the cleaner with a clean, damp cloth.

For best results, we recommend using Zap-It on fresh stains as soon as possible. This being said, the product will still work on older stains that have set in. You can also combine Zap-it with our zero foam cleaner, Fire Power, for an amazing two-punch combo.  

What is Zap-It cleaner used for?

Zap-It cleaner can be used on your car’s upholstery, carpets, floor mats, interior panels, and even on your greasy steering wheel! This product can handle everything from ketchup and mustard to crayons and ground-in dirt. 

Where can I find Zap-It cleaner?

To make it convenient for our customers, we have made the Zap-It cleaner available on our online store. Scroll up to the top of this page and click “Add to cart” to get started with the checkout process. 

You can also find our products in select stores including O’Reilly, Autozone, and Napa Auto Parts. Find where you can purchase our products locally by clicking here.

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189 reviews for Zap-It (Stain Remover)

  1. Lawrence G. (verified owner)

  2. Greg W. (verified owner)

  3. grigsbyautospa (verified owner)

    This stuff is worth it’s weight in gold! I just detailed a customers truck that had two nasty stains. They were there when they purchased the truck,and the dealership told them they couldn’t get them out. Using Zap-it, I removed both of them! My customers were so thrilled, they gave me a generous tip. I don’t go to job without this amazing product!

  4. Greg Howard (verified owner)

    Shipping was as much as the product. But still a savings. Excellent product

  5. Stephen Frandle (verified owner)

    haven’t tried this ether.

  6. konstantinos stefanidis (verified owner)

  7. Michael S. (verified owner)

  8. Colby H. (verified owner)

    Works great

  9. Nathan F. (verified owner)

    Love this stuff , works great with a pleasnt smell

  10. Robert P. (verified owner)

    Awesome on carpet stains!!

  11. Jon Leach (verified owner)

    This stuff right here is awesome!!!

  12. Edgar S. (verified owner)

  13. Duane Y. (verified owner)

    It works pretty good

  14. Christopher S. (verified owner)

  15. Joe F. (verified owner)

    This stuff is the BOMB!!!! I’ve use it for over 7 year on my work car for stain removal. Nothing else comes close to this product.

  16. Mark K. (verified owner)

    Bugs and road grime gone!

  17. Desmond Thornton (verified owner)

  18. Braden (verified owner)

    Makes cleaning carpet and upholstery really easy.

  19. Rick C. (verified owner)

    Haven’t had to use yet.

  20. Clarence M. (verified owner)

  21. Robert Redwitz (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best stain remover on the planet.

  22. Sara S. (verified owner)

    I love Zap It! It is a miracle cleaner!

  23. Rickey Joseph (verified owner)

    My last order I never received one of my dark fury. I made an complaint with ups but never heard anything back.

  24. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

    Awesome results

  25. John Griggs (verified owner)

    have not used yet

  26. Ellen M. (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good

  28. Jamia (verified owner)

    Didn’t clean the Stains right out of my seat

  29. James Johnson (verified owner)

    Have not had the opportunity to use yet, but will soon

  30. Landon Ralston (verified owner)

  31. nick (verified owner)

    Great stain remover. Exceeded expectations.

  32. Felipe Carrillo (verified owner)

  33. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

    Love the product

  34. Harry S. (verified owner)

    Easy to order! Fast delivery! And absolutely wonderful product! Have used it for years and never ceases to amaze me what it does!

  35. Javian Jackson (verified owner)

    It works really good!

  36. Patricia Smith (verified owner)

  37. Tommy Woolard (verified owner)

    Took out tough stains

  38. Douglas Matlock (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful

  39. Sheila Berrios (verified owner)


  40. Isaac Knewtson (verified owner)

    Works great and good price. Only complaint is the smell isn’t the best but that’s getting nit picky

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far, its excellent on carpets .. I’m still testing it on other surfaces… I’m hoping it becomes my across the board interior cleaner. My customers like the smell.

  42. DUAN C. (verified owner)

  43. Tony (verified owner)

    Superior!! Need I say more?

  44. David (verified owner)

  45. Javier G HERNÁNDEZ (verified owner)

  46. BRIAN (verified owner)

    Must have for Car Detailers!

  47. Bernice Oquendo (verified owner)

  48. Gregory P. (verified owner)

  49. Ernest delgado (verified owner)

  50. Owen R. (verified owner)

  51. Bryce Kirstein (verified owner)

  52. Ronald Glaze (verified owner)

    Use this product in our carpet and upholstery cleaning business. It work great. Will continue to purchase this product.

  53. JERMAINE COLE (verified owner)

    Works good with drill brush

  54. Dexter Jenkins (verified owner)

    Awesome! Amazing! Best stain remover I have ever used!

  55. Garence Swims (verified owner)

    Works miracles

  56. Victor Berrios (verified owner)

    Good product!

  57. Phablo Santos (verified owner)

    Very good

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)


  59. Darren Printz (verified owner)

    Works well at removing stains and has a pleasant smell

  60. Patrick (verified owner)

  61. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  62. jamar virgin (verified owner)

    My favorite for carpet shampoo

  63. Joe R. (verified owner)

    Works very very well

  64. Edmund Woods (verified owner)

    Love the prisuct. Used it in the past.

  65. Vinceny Cimmino (verified owner)

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

  67. Patrick F. (verified owner)

  68. Craig Dawson (verified owner)

  69. Veronica A. (verified owner)

    Estos productos son realmente magníficos son muy efectivos los recomiendo mucho siempre quedo encantada con mi compra 😊

  70. Ryan W. (verified owner)

    I simply don’t know what I’d do without Zap-It in my detailing arsenal. One of the best 👌 stain removers I’ve ever used and tried tried hundreds. The scent is heavenly. Saves me so much time and money compared to other products.

  71. Julius M. (verified owner)

  72. Robert Johnson (verified owner)

  73. Kevin Wilson (verified owner)

  74. Ron T. (verified owner)

  75. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

    Great carpet cleaner 👍

  76. Jose Martinez (verified owner)

    Great on stains on carpet

  77. Dennis Davis (verified owner)

    Works great! I apply HD Enzyme and let that dwell for a few minutes, then apply the Zap-it. Make a few passes with a drill brush and then use the extractor to pull out the dirt.

  78. Andrew Z. (verified owner)

    Best stain remover I’ve yet to use for extracting, beats Folex and more affordable.

  79. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

    Awesome product and it smells good

  80. Mark Kouba (verified owner)

    This is the best stain remover I have ever used highly recommended

  81. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  82. Darren P. (verified owner)

    Works great. I use it as a spot treatment and overall rug cleaner.

  83. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

  84. Evan Swift (verified owner)

    Absolutely a fantastic product!!

  85. Blayke Martin (verified owner)

  86. Anonymous (verified owner)


  87. Israel A. (verified owner)

  88. Paul N. (verified owner)

    This stuff is bar none, the best carpet cleaner I’ve ever used.

  89. Steve S. (verified owner)

    Powerful spot remiver

  90. Nigel Goodman (verified owner)

  91. Raymond (verified owner)

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this stuff !

  93. James Clemons (verified owner)

  94. Tommie Gregory (verified owner)

    Takes stains out without a lot of rubbing and soaking.

  95. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

  96. Curtis W. (verified owner)

    I always use Zap It for interior cleaning. It gets the stains out with little to no effort on my part, and I love the scent.

  97. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

  98. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Excellent produ

  99. Timothy Johnson (verified owner)

  100. Greg S. (verified owner)

  101. Donnie Hindman (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet

  102. Horace Gosa (verified owner)

    I liked it.very much it smells good

  103. Jerold M. (verified owner)

  104. ANN S. (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found Zap It again. Thank you for still being in business still. I had faithfully used this product for years in the 90’s. I used to purchase it at Sear’s. They stopped stocking it and now are closed now. Well I was organizing the cabinet under the sink in the laundry room and behold I found my spray bottle of Zap It and it had your company’s info on the label. So I googled your company and found your web site!!! Yay!!! You still make it. It cleans everything! Must open windows and wear gloves. YOUR PRODUCT IS AWESOME!!

  105. VERNARD (verified owner)

    This is a great product I use it all day detailing cars. Best product I have used.

  106. Keon L. (verified owner)

  107. Steve Bryant (verified owner)

    Best stain remover available anywhere. Removed ink and black permanent marker from my upholstery in my car. Plus it smells like citrus not some harsh chemical.

  108. Damon Beaner (verified owner)

  109. Greg S. (verified owner)

    It only cleans light stains

  110. Walter F. (verified owner)

  111. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

  112. Angel m Vazquez (verified owner)

  113. Veronica Alvarado (verified owner)

    Me encantan estos productos realmente son buenos mis clientes quedan muy contentos Gracias superior products

  114. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

  115. Anonymous (verified owner)

  116. Kershari Jones (verified owner)

    Works wonders on removing stains.

  117. Kevin Vergo (verified owner)

  118. Adolfo Martinez (verified owner)

  119. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

  120. Dianne T. (verified owner)

    Great product. Cleaned the spot asap.

  121. Nathan Hill (verified owner)

  122. Joe R. (verified owner)

    Greta product!!!!

  123. Carolyn Fox (verified owner)

  124. Chandlir Miller (verified owner)

  125. Brian P. (verified owner)

    This my go to for tough stains! It works great and requires minimal effort. Just spray it on, agitate, let dwell and blot with a microfiber and the stains are gone!!

  126. Rachel D. (verified owner)

  127. James Meidam (verified owner)

  128. Jose Recendiz (verified owner)

    Great stuff

  129. Cheryl J. (verified owner)

  130. Al Tillman (verified owner)

    Removes stains with ease. The absolute leader for extractor results at this incredibly affordable price point. Smell is citrus clean!

  131. Carolyn Fox (verified owner)

  132. KARONEL (verified owner)

  133. Thomas John (verified owner)

    Superior product for removing most stain.

  134. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the citrusy scent

  135. Earl S. (verified owner)

  136. Kevin Egan (verified owner)

  137. Dominic (verified owner)

  138. Rick Sadowski (verified owner)

    We have a puppy and my wife use Zap it to clean up his accidents. It does a great job.

  139. Douglas C Derstein (verified owner)

  140. Rudolf Kreybig (verified owner)

    Use this for everything to clean the interior

  141. dnaerich (verified owner)

    My go to for all interior cleaning and stain removal!

  142. John M. (verified owner)

    My go to product for stain removal! I use it sparingly and it’s very effective. I’ve tried other brands however this is the best yet! Will definitely buy again!

  143. Steven Shelton (verified owner)

  144. Jorge Salinas (verified owner)

  145. Zac Boyd (verified owner)

    The smell was very nice ! Stains worked out with a little agitation ! You. Can’t beat it !

  146. Greg S. (verified owner)

  147. Jason R. (verified owner)

  148. Joseph Boschert (verified owner)

    In my second year of business, i have tried many carpet products, this one gets it done.

  149. Tyler Vaughn (verified owner)

  150. debra (verified owner)

  151. Carlos S. (verified owner)

    I even received yet my order after almost a month of purchased.

  152. Racior Towns (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it yet

  153. Jim Germann (verified owner)

    If Zap it don’t get out it ain’t coming out…best stuff ever

  154. Nathanyel Pedigo (verified owner)

  155. Anonymous (verified owner)

  156. Toby Owens (verified owner)

  157. Raymond Edwards (verified owner)

    This is one of your best products

  158. Nancy (verified owner)

  159. Anonymous (verified owner)

  160. BRIAN SCHWIDERSKI (verified owner)

  161. Norman (verified owner)

    Product works as advertised and fast shipping!

  162. VERNARD MANN (verified owner)

    Makes cleaning interior so easy.

  163. Greg Stearns (verified owner)

  164. Debra (verified owner)

    This stuff works fantastic, we use it on headliners, upholstery, carpets, floormats seatbelts- everything. We use it to pretreat stains and odors before using our heated extractor and it works great!

  165. dennis liu (verified owner)

  166. Zach Cosentino (verified owner)

    The best stain remover I have ever used

  167. Craig Eckenrode (verified owner)

  168. Justin (verified owner)

    Great stain removal. Use with a pump sprayer, agitate, then extract.

  169. Greg S. (verified owner)

  170. chad s. (verified owner)

  171. Matthew (verified owner)

    Amazing product removes stains and leaves a nice citrus smell definitely recommend!

  172. Juan Perez (verified owner)

    Really good product works great and the fragrance of limon

  173. Greg Stearns (verified owner)

  174. Sidney Carr (verified owner)

    It removed 96% of a Dark Stain in a Tan Carpet? You can only see residue of stain if you look for it!

  175. Austin Hamm (verified owner)

    Wish there was a concentrated one

  176. derrick jenkins (verified owner)

    Works good and smells great

  177. Ryan Harris (verified owner)

  178. Eric Bailey (verified owner)

  179. Kendil Grimmage (verified owner)

  180. Franklin Kendrick (verified owner)

  181. James Farrell (verified owner)

  182. william f walsh (verified owner)

    worked on same work truck stains on seats the best

  183. Xavier L. (verified owner)

    Good helper for cleaning

  184. jana (verified owner)

    Excellent stain remover.

  185. Idrees Douglas (verified owner)

  186. Bryan (verified owner)

    Smells great and many times I don’t even need to use an extractor

  187. dennis HESS (verified owner)

    Best carpet stain remover and smells great

  188. Derek K. (verified owner)

    shake it up, spray very little on a spot and give agitation. Stains fall right off.

  189. Greg Stearns (verified owner)

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