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Fire Power

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Fire Power – Cleaner

Low foaming, non-caustic all-purpose cleaner that is safe on all surfaces inside and outside your car.  Use as a carpet pre-spotter/cleaner or mix in your extractor solution tank for controlled foam cleaning.  This product works great and produces almost no foam leaving it easy for the detailer to clean the carpets without having to worry about constantly rinsing foam out of the carpet. Works equally well as a degreaser and tire/wheel cleaner without the harsh fumes normally associated with older cleaners.  Fire Power is a true ALL PURPOSE solution for your cleaning needs. Very nice to use in closed environments since this product is non-caustic you will not experience harsh fumes.

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58 reviews for Fire Power

  1. Lawrence G. (verified owner)


  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Nathan F. (verified owner)

    have not used yet but priced right

  5. Jeff Barber (verified owner)

  6. Miguel E. (verified owner)

    Works great to remove stains from seats

  7. Ronald (verified owner)

  8. Macy O. (verified owner)

  9. Sheila Berrios (verified owner)

  10. Bernice Oquendo (verified owner)

  11. James Johnson (verified owner)

    Excellant cleaner, but easily misunderstood in the strength of it and can damage certain things

  12. Dexter Jenkins (verified owner)

    Works well! Have not used on carpets but works great on plastics in the interior.

  13. Mark Rice (verified owner)

  14. Gregory S. (verified owner)

    Good performing low sudsing cleaner

  15. Justin M. (verified owner)

  16. Darren Printz (verified owner)

    Very easy to use, great product to add to your extractor to help over deliver

  17. jamar virgin (verified owner)

  18. Franklin Kendrick (verified owner)

  19. Jess Valdez (verified owner)

    Cuts the grease & dirt

  20. Daniel L. (verified owner)

    Melted the grime right off my camper

  21. Patrick F. (verified owner)

  22. Howard (verified owner)

    Cleans carpets like magic. Very pleased.

  23. Patrick Fox (verified owner)

  24. Horace Gosa (verified owner)

  25. Darren P. (verified owner)

    Great product for carpet cleaning. I put it in my water reservoir of my carpet extractor for an extra kick

  26. Dennis Davis (verified owner)

  27. Blayke Martin (verified owner)

  28. Paul N. (verified owner)

    Good stuff, versatile.

  29. Steve S. (verified owner)

    Powerful shampoo

  30. VERNARD (verified owner)

    Works great will be buying again

  31. Dallas Vasquez (verified owner)

    Yeah this is my product this product does amazing things I add this product to a lot of my cleaning products from superior product makes my job a lot easier and faster just have to play around with the ratio to get the perfect cutting action for any part of the carWell also recommend to my friends

  32. James Clemons (verified owner)

  33. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

  34. Keon L. (verified owner)

  35. Greg S. (verified owner)

  36. Christopher E. (verified owner)

    Good bang for your buck

  37. Nathan Hill (verified owner)

    Switched over to fire power as my go to interior cleaner 👍🏼👌🏼

  38. Carolyn Fox (verified owner)

  39. Cheryl J. (verified owner)

  40. Carolyn Fox (verified owner)

  41. Jonathan Rojas (verified owner)

  42. Dave C. (verified owner)

  43. Miguel martinez (verified owner)

    A great booster for carpet cleaning 🧼

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

  45. Nathanyel Pedigo (verified owner)

  46. Toby Owens (verified owner)

  47. Ethan (verified owner)

    Great interior cleaner about to buy another gallon

  48. Luke P. (verified owner)

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

  50. Greg Stearns (verified owner)

  51. Greg Stearns (verified owner)

  52. Sailor (verified owner)

    Works amazingly!

  53. sablbc

    Nice to work with and confined areas. It doesn’t choke you up

  54. Craig Eckenrode (verified owner)

  55. Greg S. (verified owner)

  56. Jordan Jiles (verified owner)

  57. Austin Hamm (verified owner)

  58. Tim D. (verified owner)

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