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Vehicle Soap with Wax

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Vehicle Soap With Wax is a concentrated car soap with liquid wax added into the formula. This product will bring to life the wax that is already on the car’s surface. It is easy to use and works great. Only one to two ounces of product needed per five-gallon bucket to make your car shiny and clean.

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Vehicle Soap with Wax – Soap

Vehicle Soap with Wax is a car soap that has a liquid wax added to help bring out the shine and brightness on the vehicle’s surface. Vehicle Soap with Wax will enhance the wax that is already on the car’s surface. It is great for a ‘quick fix’ to bring your car’s shine back to life. Since there is a form of liquid wax added to the formula Vehicle Soap with Wax will not suds like Wash n Shine or Dirt Buster but it will still clean very effectively.

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65 reviews for Vehicle Soap with Wax

  1. Miguel Ruiz (verified owner)

    This is easily on my top 3 products for detailing vehicles. Definitely no suds like the label says. But when use with a wash mitt you can see how easily the dirt and road grim comes right off. The wax in this soap makes the cars surface slick to the touch

  2. Samuel D. (verified owner)

    Works as advertised! Not much to complain about especially at the cost.

  3. Gary Marino (verified owner)

  4. Jason D. (verified owner)

  5. Kevin (verified owner)

  6. Bernice Oquendo (verified owner)

  7. sayer paboojian (verified owner)

  8. Jeffrey C. (verified owner)

    Works great if your vehicle has a good coat of wax already, keeps vehicle shiny and clean longer between washing and waxing.

  9. Colby H. (verified owner)

  10. Bryce Migues (verified owner)

  11. Kassandra Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this wash I won’t use anything else!

  12. Christopher S. (verified owner)

  13. Clarence P. (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. James Patton (verified owner)

    Does a great job of cleaning my car. Leaves behind a nice shine.

  16. Tremell Allen (verified owner)

    Love it

  17. Miguel E. (verified owner)

    Suddsy, with lots of lubrication and tje extra shine was really nice after drying

  18. Ellen M. (verified owner)

  19. Roderick Curry (verified owner)

  20. Danthony Tillery (verified owner)

  21. Ronald (verified owner)

  22. Christopher Brittenum (verified owner)

  23. Sal (verified owner)

  24. Rico Stevenson (verified owner)

  25. Bryce Kirstein (verified owner)

  26. Dan L. (verified owner)

  27. Kevin Isom (verified owner)

    Best car cleaning soap and wax I have ever used! My cars shine last longer and it protects the waxed finish on your vehicle as well. Try it you well love it!

  28. Robert G. (verified owner)

    Works well. Cleaned and left a nice shine.

  29. RJ (verified owner)

    Works quite well for maintenance washes in between main ones. A nice way to add a bit of extra wax to rejuvenate existing wax products without a lot of extra hassle.

  30. jamar virgin (verified owner)

  31. Joshua (verified owner)

  32. Marcus M. (verified owner)

    Works great and is an easy way to add an extra layer of protection.

  33. Julius M. (verified owner)

  34. Ruben Garza (verified owner)

    Great car soap A++
    For my car detailers that use a foam cannon dont expect to get a high foam from this. The waxes in this soap are higher than others so foaming will not be high. But the wax will be.. super high wax shine! Hope this helps

  35. Andy Hallof (verified owner)

  36. Kerri Bellard (verified owner)

  37. Blayke Martin (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

  39. Joe C. (verified owner)

  40. Kerri Bellard (verified owner)


  41. Tom Gurko (verified owner)

  42. KARONEL (verified owner)

  43. Carlos Givhan (verified owner)

    Good Stuff

  44. Dale Whitehead (verified owner)

  45. Steven Shelton (verified owner)

  46. Willie Gibson (verified owner)

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Franklin Kendrick (verified owner)

    I will rate this product as a three for now because I haven’t use this product at this time. But I know that it will work excellent on my vehicles. I will go back and rate the product when I use it.

  49. william allen (verified owner)

  50. Kevin Isom (verified owner)

    Your wash/wax combination solution really lasts a long time. When combined with your other protecterent products you offer its just amazing how resilient to dirt and grime.

  51. Miguel martinez (verified owner)

    Work perfect for hand car wash and if you try it with a foam cannon gives a decent foam action 😎 love this product because compare to others brands like (chemical guys) this product wont leave a lot water spots and where I live we have hard water if i used other products after drying looks worse the when it was dusty and dirty

  52. Dale Whitehead (verified owner)

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

  54. Bill J. (verified owner)

  55. Jimmy L. (verified owner)

  56. Jim Germann (verified owner)

  57. Danny Wherry (verified owner)

  58. Gilberto Gonzalez (verified owner)

  59. Michael A. (verified owner)

    Cleans and shines nicely

  60. Alan (verified owner)

    Works great!

  61. Sal R. (verified owner)

    Nice shine, doesn’t strip your wax.

  62. Dale W. (verified owner)

  63. Sailor (verified owner)

    Leaves good shine but doesn’t foam super good and is not very slick

  64. william f walsh (verified owner)

    cleaned my daughter’s suv that she does not always wash

  65. James Wetter (verified owner)

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